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"From 8 clients a month to 13. I'd say those are pretty good results! I feel like I'm in a good place to leave my job."

- Kaleigh Boysen

"I thought I was going to have to go back to work. Instead, I built my signature program, fine tuned my niche, and attracted two large retainer clients, 5 VIP Day clients, and 3 signature program clients. My revenue has increased over $5,000 per month steadily for the past 3 months."

- Twila Kaye

"I have people coming to ME asking to work with me! My business has tripled and I’ve hit a 6-figure year already!"

- Kathy Kidd

"I realized the root cause of much of my self confidence and self esteem issues and how it was impacting my life and my business. After working with Carol I feel reborn and have taken my business to another level."

- Lane' Richards

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Fine tune the systems in your business, to earn the income you deserve, make an impact in the world, and light the path that you and your tribe are meant to embark upon together in just 6 weeks.

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