I help successful professional women find the opening in their lives to discover their life's work.

But first....let's talk about YOU!

If you've landed here it's probably because of a nagging feeling, a pestering inner voice, or some type of awakening that's telling you there's more you're meant to do or contribute. You've probably been feeling this way for a while but you've tried to ignore it, suppress it, or wish it away. Why? Because you were taught that following your dreams or doing what you love are the dreams of fools or 20 year olds. And at midlife you have responsibilities, a 401K, kids and a mortgage, so what you need to do is just suck it up and get back to work.

Does that sound about right?

The truth is we want to be supported financially but sustained spiritually. To do something that gives us the energy and fire to wake up every morning ready to go. Something that allows us to be and express ourselves fully. No one wants to be successful and unfulfilled.

We've been conditioned to follow these preset rules with regard to our lives and careers. Sometimes we follow these unwritten rules so blindly we deny who we are and what we really want, labelling our dreams as selfish or foolish. I get it. Being truthful and honest about what you want can be scary. That's why my tagline is unapologetically be and do you.

I'm here to invite you to break from the norm, honor those parts of you that you've ignored, trust your gut, stop pretending, get a little crazy and step into who you were always meant to be and do what you were always meant to do. To be open to the fact that you can be both successful and fulfilled.

Here's What I Believe...

...you have a calling, you only need to discover and courageously step into it! 

You see I once believed in limits. Limitations on me, my career, and what was possible. I played by the rules, did everything right, and was rewarded with a successful career, status, income, and an amazing lifestyle for me and my kiddos. After I pulled myself back together following a divorce, I felt like I was  more than back on track, I was ahead of the game.

And then I was not...

Driving home from my office one Sunday early evening I was in a massive car accident. That's the bad news. The good news is I'm still here. I'm here because right before the crash I heard a voice say "turn now!"

Now when I heard the voice I was literally stuck between a rock (a hill) and a hard place (a cliff), so my options were less than optimal, but I listened...I turned.

When we make choices in life, the options are rarely polar opposites. They're usually variations of the same, which is why we struggle with choice. What voice do you hear inside that's telling you to "turn now" that you're ignoring because the options seem less than optimal?

While my choices were challenging in that car that Sunday evening, what I knew for sure was that staying the course would have been the end of me. And while I was injured, as I noted before, I'm still here!

So what I've learned from this accident and the months that followed is that when you hear a strong voice inside you that says it's time to turn....listen!  Even through it looks like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place there's always an opening.

I not only turned my car that night, I made a complete turn in my life and my career. I stepped into my purpose unapologetically. Now I teach women to listen to that voice, find their opening AND to step into their purpose on the other side. 

Meet The Crew

Carol Parker Walsh, Founder & Owner

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is a powerful advocate for women unapologetically living life on their terms and doing the work they were meant to do in the world. When she was eight her mother asked her, "Why is it when everyone goes left, you go right?" She replied, "Why do I have to go where everyone else does?", and now she empowers women to boldly walk their path too. 

A two-time best selling author, international speaker and award winning consultant, Carol's been the "go to" coach for Grammy Award Winners, Paralympic Gold Medalists, Fortune 500 executives, and 6-7 figure successful driven professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Often, and proudly, compared to Oprah for her insight, wisdom, intelligence, compassion and rebel approach, Carol helps her clients stop hiding in the shadows of their brilliance and step into the power of who they are, their vision, purpose and their life's work. There's no one way to the income, lifestyle, and success you deserve and Carol's the mentor that can help you find your path to get there.

Allyese Goodwin, Social Media & Brand Manager

Allyese is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for all things technological, graphic and beautiful.  As the owner of Marie Creative, Allyese designs and manages the company's brand. She designs and publishes relevant, original and high-quality content across our social media channels. She leverages the right tools to manage the content, creates and manages the editorial calendar, and develops and manages the brand for the company. Allyese can be reached at allyese@carolparkerwalsh.com.

Nick Terhune, Web Design & Interactive Media

Around here we call Nick the "Web Whisperer." His equal part left and right brain allows him to be both the creative and technology genius behind our graphics, multimedia content, and attractive, functional websites. He's also responsible for making sure that all of the company's sites are functional on all web browsers, as well as periodically testing and updating as needed. Nick can be reached at support@carolparkerwalsh.com

Ready to Finally Start Doing What You Love?

Join my tribe of women who are ready to stop pretending to be something their not and struggling in a career they no longer love, but.....are ready to unapologetically discover and do what they were meant to do in this world.

And in case you like the official stuff...


  • PhD, Human Development & Social Systems
  • JD, Employment Law 
  • MA, Organizational Management & Behavior
  • BA, Communications

Certifications + Trainings

  • Certified Senior Professional Career Coach
  • Certified Image Consultant
  • Certified Corporate Consultant
  • Certified  Life Coach

  • Master Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Licensed Fashion Feng Shui® Master (one of 12 in the World)

  • Certified Experience Product Creator (all trainings & programs are experience products)


  • Member of Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community of leading business and career coaches 
  • National award and recognition for business & leadership development from a global direct sales company

  • 30+ years experience in executive level leadership, including a practicing attorney, VP of human resources, corporate & organizational consultant, executive coach, associate professor, graduate program director, associate dean, and built a 6-figure diversity and OD consulting practice

  • Vice President of Global Marketing, Branding & Communication for the Association of Image Consultants International
  • President of AICI US West Region

 Features + Publications

  • TEDx Speaker
  • Two-time #1 Amazon best-selling author

  • Brand Ambassador for Chico's and Madison Reed.

  • Monthly TV Segment on ABC affiliate KATU2 AM Northwest Morning Show

  • Editor-in-Chief of the AICI Global Magazine
  • Column in the Vancouver Business Journal.
  • LA Talk Radio Co-Host, The Forever Fierce Show
  • Seen in PopSugar, ThriveGlobal, Emerge Women Magazine, Who What Wear, DARE Magazine, The Columbian, Oregonian, Huffington Post, and various other podcasts, newsletters and websites.


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