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Few people are 100% happy all of the time with their career. There will definitely be some high and low points, but then there are times when you just have to make a move. Are you happy in your current career? Do you feel challenged enough? Or, is it time to change jobs? Or for that matter change your career entirely? Let's find out. Take my free career change quiz to find out whether or not it's time to make a move or stay put.

Stop Pretending and Do What You Love!

Some of us were fortunate enough to know from an early age what we wanted to be "when we grew up." But the rest of us had to discover our life's work through trial and error. After we've invested time, money, and sometime massive education into our careers, we can find it hard to let go...even when we know it's time. It's time to stop pretending to love what you when you don't and discover your life's work.

Need Help Discovering Your Purpose?

It feels like it was just yesterday I was on a perfectly mapped out career path only to wake up and discover I was on the wrong trajectory. 

Once I had the courage to find out what I truly wanted to do, my life opened up and now I'm doing work that's more meaningful beyond the paycheck and prestige. 

It may feel a bit crazy and out of the norm to spend time discovering your life's work, but more and more professionals are focusing less on what they do and more on who they are becoming as a result of the work they do.   

It's ok to want to feel as if you're contributing to something greater than yourself and no longer desire to live in the trappings of your current life. And if you're ready to at least start exploring what's next. Get my Discover Your Purpose Workbook.

The Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:

  • Your Personal Passion Project: How to Dream without Limits
  • Keeping a Journal: It’s Not a Diary. Doing this specific method of journaling helps you to discover your true passion over time
  • What Others Think: Your Passions May be Obvious to Everyone Else But You 
  • Discover Your Superpowers
  • Looking Back. Discover your Purpose by Visioning Your Future
  • Change the Scenery: Explore New Opportunities and Experiences to Gain Greater Clarity on the Versatility of Skills
  • Evaluation: Pull it All Together 
  • Build Your Support Team: You Don't Have to Do It Alone, So Don't Try

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So let me ask you. How much is it worth to you to gain greater clarity on what you want to do and what you're meant to do in this world?

Would it be worth the $3000 you'd spend on a vacation?

Would it be worth the $1,000 you'd spend getting a new wardrobe?

I think it would.

If removing the F.O.G. (fear, overwhelm and guilt) can make you happier and lay the groundwork to not only knowing but doing what you love, I'd think you'd do so at any cost.

Investing in your future will cost less than splurging on a cut and color, spa day, those fabulous shoes or a girls' night out.

Which is why I'm excited to help you break free of the confusion and clear the F.O.G. for less than fifty dollars. 


Start Doing What You Were Meant to Do!

Spent a ridiculous amount of money, time and education climbing the ladder of success only to feel trapped in a job or career you can't stand? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a new more fulfilling career path without losing your current income or lifestyle, so you can finally wake up everyone morning looking forward to doing work you actually love!


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