Are You Charging What You're Worth?


If the numbers aren't adding up, maybe it's time you discovered the real value of your time so you can stop undercharging, hire the help you need, and even take time off!

Take advantage of my FREE hourly rate calculator and see how you measure up!

Enter your desired numbers and see if you're on track. Use these number to put your packages together and determine if it's time to raise your prices!

Need more help with pricing?

Business owners often make the mistake of pricing their services based upon what others are charging, as opposed to what they need to survive in their business.

Pricing your services at bargain basement prices doesn't make you a more desirable option. You need to first understand your value, determine your brand,  and then set your prices accordingly.

Use this step-by-step workbook alone or with your team to determine the best prices for your value, to create packages, and know when it's time to raise them.

If pricing causes you a lot of anxiety and fear, then use this 19-page step-by-step workbook to:

  • Step 1: Assess Your Value
  • Step 2: Common Pricing Mistakes
  • Step 3: Dealing With Difficult Clients
  • Step 4: Assessing Your True Worth
  • Step 5: Knowing When It's Time to Raise Prices
  • Step 6: Asking For the Raise
  • Step 7: Is It Time to Change Your Business Model?

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter if you and your competitors are selling the same service. No one knows how to do your business they way you can....and your tribe knows it.

Your people will pay you double what you’re competitor is charging because of YOU and the value that ONLY you can offer.

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