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""Carol's process is unlike any other I've experienced. I realized, for the first time, that my true essence had been buried under the weight of childhood programming and continued on through my adulthood. This awareness about myself has completely transformed my perspective on how I am going to live life going forward. I literally have been liberated and given myself the freedom and permission to be myself. I never imagined that this work with you would be such a profound, significant part of my transformation.""

Nicole W.
CFO, Commercial Property Development

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If you're struggling with...

Image branding to align your outside with who you are on the inside.

Gaining vision clarity on your next steps in your life, career or in your business.

Discovering your purpose and develop your passion to do the work and life you love. 

Navigating organizational culture to determine if you're in the right space and if so, secure your next position or promotion.

Developing a confident mindset to live your brilliance, purpose, and gifts.

Over 30 minutes I'll help you get crystal clear on what you need, uncover hidden challenges that may be holding you back, and knowing your next best step.


We’ve been conditioned to follow a certain path when it comes to our careers and professional lives. But what happens when you’ve climbed that ladder of success only to realize you’ve climbed the wrong ladder?

"I wasn't projecting the confident, professional "boss" image that I knew was inside of me and I wasn't sure how to do it AND still be me. After working through Carol's process she helped me to locate my authentic energetic essence and how to use my own color palette in my favor to support a confident mindset and become a woman of influence to those in my new locale. We worked on how to stand out as the CEO of my business and project a powerful confident image in a way that felt comfortable and uniquely me. Now I'm ready to take my business to a new level. "

Lynn M.
Curves & Retail Business Owner

""Carol Parker Walsh helped transform my professional image into something that reflected ‘me.’ In the process, I had huge ‘aha’ moments as I realized the root of much of my self confidence, self esteem, and image issues and how it was impacting my life and business. Your process helped me to restore my confidence and I feel comfortable owning my significance. I feel reborn! I've expanded my business adding wedding consulting to my services and I've already booked clients and haven't even hung out my shingle. I'm finally attracting the life and business I want!""

Lane' B.
Award-Winning Vintage Wedding Rental & Consulting

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